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All members of our Charity Partner Program are trusted, reliable organizations that rely on the proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle to do good work and help others. Be part of the change you hope to see in the world.

Green Chimneys is a multi-faceted nonprofit organization helping young people to maximize their full potential by providing residential, educational, clinical and recreational services in a safe and supportive environment that nurtures connections with their families, the community, animals and nature. Recognized as a worldwide leader in animal-assisted therapy and educational activities for children with special needs, Green Chimneys services include an accredited special education school on two campuses, residential treatment center, animal-assisted and nature-based therapies, public education and recreation programs, and community-based support for youth and families.

he Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center is home to over 300 farm animals, horses and permanently injured or imprinted wildlife. As a core component of Green Chimneys programming, each animal plays a supportive role in our educational and animal-assisted therapy programs. Our children experience an immersion with animals through activities including daily care, therapeutic horseback riding, wildlife exploration and farm science, and a dog interaction and training program that helps prepare rescued dogs for adoption. Through these activities, our children gain the skills and the confidence to cope with their challenges and feel successful.

Each of Green Chimneys’ programs celebrates the dignity and worth of all living things, and strives to create a harmonious relationship among children, animals and the environment. Through innovative therapies and tools to teach critical life skills, Green Chimneys helps youth reclaim their childhood, discover their self worth and create a future for themselves as independent, contributing adults.

We are proud of our long history as a leader and innojyfyujfuyrururyuruyruyvator in education and therapeutic treatment for children with special needs and as such, our organizational philosophy supports a safe and healing environment. Green Chimneys therapeutic treatment and management practices align with a trauma-informed approach to creating and maintaining an optimal environment for safety and recovery. Established universal values and a shared language help create an environment in which everyone feels safe, respected, and included. It is how we teach skills, set priorities and make decisions, which ultimately, affect those we serve.

Your car donation helps children and supports these important programs.

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For more information about Green Chimneys Car Donations please call: 516-374-7193