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New Ground is a unique agency committed to educating and empowering Long Island families and veterans who are caught in the vicious cycle of homelessness. New Ground recognizes that the key to solving homelessness is not only to help those who are homeless but also to prevent it in the future. Our goal is to eliminate the cycle of homelessness and to empower families and veterans to function independently. The hope of breaking the cycle of homelessness lies in working with both the children and adults. To do this, New Ground focuses on education in both

the traditional and nontraditional sense as this proves to be the way out of poverty. Our motto is We Educate, We Empower! Coupled with long-term, affordable, low-income housing, New Ground ensures that the entire veteran/family’s basic nutritional and physical needs are met. In addition, educational, vocational and mental health support is provided through intensive social work services and advocacy. New Ground operates educational programs including a Tutoring Program, the onsite Reading All Stars Program and the At Home Reading Program, Educational Advocacy Services, Tuition Assistance Program and many others to ensure the academic success of both children and adults. Children receive these services to bring up their grades to help them function on level with their permanently housed peers. New Ground works with teens to plan for college and achieve dreams of careers that will support them and their own families in the future. Parents/veterans in the program also receive academic services to help them increase their education, secure a degree and a career where they can earn enough to support their family. Since 1991, New Ground has been assisting families and veterans achieve such success and adults have completed GED programs, Associate degrees, Vocational programs, Bachelor degrees and much more. These individuals then become self supporting and contributing members of their communities. With the intensive work of the New Ground Social Workers, the expertise of the Education Coordinator and the commitment and motivation of the families/veterans, success is achieved. Adults and children find a future of independent living and self-sufficiency that would otherwise have never been possible.